Vargoss Empire

The Vargoss Empire is located on the continent of Ardenay and is south of The Dragon’s Spine. This mountain range has the highest peak in all of Arinoss. The Vargoss Empire is the ultimate expression of a chaotic good country. The individual is supposed to take care of themselves and the state stays out everyone’s business. If an individual is cheated by a merchant, then he should have been a smarter shopper. If a merchant in the market losses some merchandise to petty theft, he should have had better protection. The state only becomes involved when crimes begin to affect the city, a region or the entire country. The Emperor is the strongest individual that can hold onto power.

The Vargoss Empire has reputation of being a rowdy and lawless place. This is not true, while there are many fights in taverns and Honor Duels lead to many deaths each year, the Empire as a whole is a pretty peaceful place.

The Vargoss Empire was founded 75 years ago when Vargoss Starnon was able to unify the waring chieftans and made a deal with the Shadow Elves. Both his skill at arms and his strong charisma led to the people accepting him as their leader. Just as he was declared Emperor Vargoss I, The Empire of the Wind launched an invasion in the hopes of securing the continent and valuable Telerite mines in the south. This material is what allows the Vargoss Empire to produce electricity and produce armors that are 1/3 lighter and a little stronger then the same armor made from traditional material. Vargoss led the Flaming Hooves, the greatest cavalry force ever seen on the battlefield, against the best that the Empire of the Wind had and soundly defated them with better tactics and superior men and equipment. The war horses provided by the Plains Dwarves provide to be superior to any mounts that the Wind could muster. In addition a unit within the Flaming Hooves was made up of Plains Dwarves and led by the legendary Captain Tiraset. He would go on to become the first Plains Dwarf to be a general in the Vargoss Military, eventually assuming command of the Flaming Hooves.

Today the Vargoss Empire is made up of eight Baronies, and it is ruled from Morgan Glaive City in the Morgan Star Barony. The barony is named for the Morgan Star that shines brightest on this spot. It is said that Morgan Arnean waited for her lover to return from an overseas journey, but he never did. She wished on the star that was brightest in the sky to one day learn his fate. Once she learned he had drowned when his ship was attacked by pirates, she commissioned her own ships and started hunting pirates until she was finally killed. Morgan Glaive City is one of the largest cities in all of Arinoss and is home to Castle Vargoss, the seat of power for the Vargoss Empire. Between the baronies, everything that is needed to keep the empire running is produced. The empire is completely self sufficient and even exports goods as part of its economy. It is this fact that makes many nations want to invade the empire and capture it for themselves. This has lead to a strong military tradition within the Vargoss Empire. Most young men and a lot of young woman end up serving in the nation’s military forces for a period of time.

The Vargoss Empire is very advanced in its view of the relationship between the sexes. Women are considered equal to men, and are treated as such. They can own property, hold office, but are also bound by Honor Debts and are expected to be self reliant and be able to take care of themselves. This has lead to a rich heritage of a large portion of the captains’ in the navy being women, as they have some advantages on the pitching decks of a ship. This view and treatment of women, has caused a lot of animosity between Vargoss and many of the traditional powers that are patriarchies.

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