Morgan Glaive City

Morgan Glaive City is the capital of the Vargoss Empire. It is located on the east coast of Ardess and has a naturally protected harbor, and as a result it is one of the major ports of trade for goods coming from the east. Including the city, the outlying area and the Vargoss Estate there are over 250,000 people working and living in the area.

Morgan Glaive is one of the most advanced cities in all of Arinoss. The city has well maintained roads, an advanced sewer system, indoor plumbing for water and a form of electric power that provides for lights and other conveniences. The power plant is located deep beneath the city and is very difficult to locate.

The city is made up of 17 districts:
  1. Government District: The Vargoss Estate houses the government buildings as well as Castle Vargoss. The courts, administration offices, tax assessors and other government functions are housed here.
  2. Harbor District: The harbor district houses the wharf, warehouses, The Emperor’s Customs Agents and a detachment of city watch. There are gates and a wall that separates this district from the rest of the city. All but the main gate is closed at sunset.
  3. Market District: The market district is made up of a large bizarre with traveling traders and permanent market shops. Most of the goods sold here are middle class and below. There is also rumored to be a thieves market if you know where to look, and what questions to ask. The market is located on the west side of the city near the city wall.
  4. Theatre District: The theatre district is the cultural and artistic center of the Vargoss Empire. There are several galleries, an open air amphitheatre, several theatres, as well as high end craftsmen. It is also home to several schools dedicated to the artistic crafts. This is where a large number of upper class social functions happen.
  5. Merchant District: The merchant district is the location for most of the high end shops that cater to the nobles and those with esoteric tastes are located. The city watch routinely patrols this area.
  6. Academic Quarter: The academic quarter is home to several of the most prestigious schools in all of Arinoss. The Morgan Glaive Academy is a leader in alchemical research and responsible for several of the advancements that have made the city better. The Evoker Academy is one of the largest magic academies in all of Arinoss. The Vargoss Military Academy trains the next generation of officers, and there are several monastic orders dedicated to the teachings of various faiths.
  7. Temple District: The temple district is home to most of the temples in Morgan Glaive, with most of the major faiths represented. The garden in the center of the district is famous all over the Vargoss Empire for both its beauty and its serenity.
  8. Nobel Quarter: The noble quarter is where most of the nobles and wealthy merchants have homes in this area. All of the nobles from the baronies around the Vargoss Empire are required to maintain residences within the city.
  9. Guild District: The guild district is where the main craft, trade and mining guilds have their guild halls. This is where members come to pay dues, find work and air grievances. The guilds maintain some of the most detailed records in all of Arinoss.
  10. Red Light District: The red light district is where most of the vice can be found in the city. Gambling, prostitution, pit fights and more can be found if you have the gold and know where to look or who to ask. The city watch maintains a minor presence in this area, with most being paid to look the other way for all but the most serious of offenses.
  11. Shanty Town: Shanty town is where most of the city’s poor and unemployed live. The area is a combination of multi-family housing, tents in open areas and church missions to feed and house the homeless. The area is not badly maintained, but there are many building that could use repairs.
  12. Embassy Row: Embassy Row is where visiting dignitaries and ambassadors stay. Several countries maintain permanent diplomatic missions in Morgan Glaive, and the government maintains many estates for visiting dignitaries. This area is well maintained, well patrolled by the city watch and home to a diverse group of cultures.
  13. Craftsmen District: The craftsmen district is where most of the traditional craft service can be found. Blacksmith, cobbler, armoror, ketner, and any other craft services someone might need.
  14. Morgan Glaive Estates: Morgan Glaive Estates is where most of the middle class and military officers live. It is a nice area that is well maintained and fairly well patrolled by the city watch. The area tends to be quite and most people are friendly, but suspicious of outsiders.
  15. Order of the Viper Academy: Outside of the city walls is where the Viper Academy is located. This where the Viper Knights train new Viper Lords, maintain offices and the residence of the Grand Viper. It is generally not open to outsiders except during the monthly weapons exhibitions staged by the Viper Knights to show case their skills.
  16. Travelers Row: Travelers Row is near the city’s west gate and is home to most of the inns, taverns and liveries in town. The area caters mainly to visitors and anyone that needs a temporary place to stay. During large festivals the area becomes standing room only with out of town revelers.
  17. Coliseum: The Coliseum is located outside of the city and is one of the largest arenas in all of Arinoss. Gladiatorial games and other sate supported events are hosted here. The fall harvest calibration is the largest festival of the year and it includes fair, jousting and other knightly games, as well as one of the largest gladiatorial games of the year.

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