Campaign Basics

The Basics:

  • This campaign will be based on D&D 3.5
  • It will use a point buy system (All Attributes start at 10 and you get 25 points to spend)
  • It will start a 4th Level with 6000gp for initial equipment, magic, etc.
  • It will be a city based campaign (Skills will play a big role)
  • It will be a Morally Grey campaign (Not totally evil, but betrayal is encouraged and expected)

Eligible Books for Classes:

  • PHB
  • Complete Arcane
  • Complete Adventurer
  • Complete Divine
  • Complete Psion
  • Complete Warrior
  • Expanded Psionics

Races will be restricted to:

  • Human
  • Halfling
  • Shadow Elf
  • Plains Dwarf

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Campaign Basics

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