Arinoss is a fantasy world that shares many similarities with Oreth, but also many differences. One of the major differences is that a lot of the standard D&D races do not exist, or are different. There are also several new races that exist in the world including Shadow Elves, Plains Dwarves and Minotaurs. The world has a rich history involving dragons. The original creation myth starts with two brothers, a gold dragon and a red dragon. They waged a battle over a pristine landscape and when all was settled the world looks much as it does today. The mountains are from where they wrestled and the lands were broken apart when they were thrown to the ground.

At this time it is believed that dragons are extinct. No dragon, metallic or chromatic, has been seen in over 150 years. This has many of the scholars puzzled as dragons were somewhat common throughout the history of the world. There was a great war between good and evil that tipped the balance in the favor of good about 175 years ago. It is believed that the good dragons sacrificed themselves to destroy the evil dragons and give the forces of good the chance to win. This imbalance has not gone unnoticed and it is only a matter of time before events will correct it.

In this time frame there are two major power centers within the world. The first and most powerful is the Empire of the Wind. This is a great empire with large standing armies and treaties with several other lands. Through their alliance with Minotaurosus, they also have the most powerful navy in the world. In recent years they have begun to shift from an absolute monarchy to a theocracy with the dominant church being devoted to Mordanian. They are beginning to plan a crusade to convert the savages of Kardous.

The other major power base is the Vargoss Empire. The Vargoss Empire was created about 75 years ago when Emprorer Vargoss I unified the warring chieftans into 1 country and repelled an invasion by the Empire of the Wind. In recognition of his deeds, the land was named in his honor and the Vargoss Empire was born. Today Emperor Vargoss III has died without naming an heir and everything that has been accomplished maybe undone in a short time.

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