The Campaign

Emperor Vargos III has died without an heir. Morgan Glaive City, the capital of the Vargos Empire, has become a hot bed of underhanded dealings, schemes, plots, and quiet violence that could erupt into civil war at any time as various factions via for power. During this uncertain time, many personal vendettas will be resolved; some will make decisions that have a profound impact on the empire. Into the players will be thrust and have the ability to affect the future of an entire empire.

There are several factions vying for the throne:

General Cardon Mar is the commander of the Army, and was a childhood friend of Vargos III. He is considered an obvious choice to be ruler. Arden Brenware, Viper Lord, leads the Order of Viper. The Viper Knights are renowned swordsmen and provide for order in the land. Arden has both martial force and political clout to make a try for the throne. Then there is Grenious Duramen, the Lord Chamberlain. He has a small but influential coterie of nobles who would like to see him in power. There are several others with their own angle at taking the crown. Will you join one of the factions, or will you have dreams of ruling your own Empire. The choices will be many, the consequences severe, but the rewards could be priceless. What path will you choose?

An Empire In Change